School of Nursing

Q. I have received a wait list letter from Pitt. What should I do?

A. If the University of Pittsburgh is your first choice of school, we recommend choosing option one in the wait list letter, but making sure you have a back-up plan at another college or university.

Q. Can you tell me where I am on the wait list?

A. We do not assign numbers to students on the wait list. If space becomes available for the fall term, the Admissions Committee will review the records of all students on the wait list and notify some students they will have a place in the fall term and others, that there is not a space for them.

Q. Do I need to do anything to secure my place on the wait list?

A. No. We will only request an enrollment deposit if a place becomes available. In that case, you will need to complete an Enrollment Fee/Admission Data Form and submit a $300 enrollment fee.

Q. What about on-campus housing?

A. On-campus housing is guaranteed for three years if you are offered a place in the class for the fall term, as long as you pay an enrollment fee by the time we request it and subsequently, follow the instructions outlined on the housing contract by the deadline indicated and submit the housing deposit required with the contract.

Q. Should I file for financial aid?

A. Yes, if you are interested in being considered for need-based aid we recommend that you file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as close to the recommended filing date as possible and indicate that you want your information sent to the University of Pittsburgh. That way, if you’re offered a space, we can work more quickly on determining your aid eligibility. You can review the financial aid process at

Q. What type of testing/registration/orientation will be available?

A. You will receive detailed information about placement, testing, registration, and orientation at a later date from our PittStart program.

Q. When will I hear about whether there will be a place for me in the fall term?

A. On or before June 1, 2018.

Q. Why do you have a wait list?

A. Over the past 20 years, the number of applications for freshman admission to the University of Pittsburgh’s Pittsburgh Campus has increased dramatically. However, the spaces available for incoming freshmen have remained relatively constant. As a result, we’re unable to offer direct admission to the Pittsburgh campus to a percentage of applicants who we feel could do well here until we can determine, in our rolling admission process, whether our projected admit-to-enrollment yield is accurate or whether spaces remain for the fall term.