We will provide overnight accommodations (cost of room and tax) for you and your parent(s) or guardian(s) for either the night of Sunday, March 3 or Monday, March 4. You are responsible for making your hotel reservation. Please note: this offer is for one room and one night only.

Your credit card will be charged if you do not cancel your hotel reservation by February 27. It will also be charged for incidentals such as room service, movie rentals, etc. Students MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian to stay in the hotel and receive reimbursement. When making hotel reservations, we ask that you please make them in the student’s first and last name.

If you choose to stay in the Wyndham or Hilton on Sunday evening, please check out of your room and leave your bags with the concierge before coming to the program on Monday morning. You are welcome to leave your car parked in the Wyndham or Hilton parking lot all day on Monday.


The University will reimburse your travel expenses (up to $500 for students traveling from 1,000 miles or more and up to $250 for students traveling from 999 miles or less). To be reimbursed for your travel expenses, follow these steps:

  • Submit all original receipts for your travel expenses. Receipts can be mailed to:
    Lori Greenblatt
    University of Pittsburgh
    Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
    4227 Fifth Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15260
  • Original receipts must be received by March 25, 2019.
  • Submit a W-9 form in the student’s name. *Please note that you will need the student’s Social Security number to complete the W-9 form. W-9 forms can be submitted the day of the program or e-mailed to Lori Greenblatt at

Reimbursement from the University will not exceed the maximum amount allotted based on the distance you must travel to get to campus.

  • Reimbursements include:
    • Taxi/parking/toll fees (receipts required)
    • Airfare, bus fare, or train fare for the STUDENT ONLY (receipts required)
    • Rental car (for dates not exceeding one day prior and one day after the program, receipt required)
    • Mileage (we will not accept mileage for rental cars, gas receipts are NOT required in order to request reimbursement for mileage)
      • The University will calculate mileage rates
    • Meals (receipts required)
      • The maximum reimbursement for total meal amount per day is $54, for example:
        • A student’s meals for the day total = $100 – the University will only reimburse the $54 per diem.
        • A student’s meals for the day total = $40 – the University will only reimburse for $40 for that day.
  • Please allow at least 6-8 weeks processing time before your reimbursement is mailed to you.

Any questions or concerns about reimbursement can be directed to Lori Greenblatt at 412-624-7134 or Note: If you require an accommodation due to a disability, please let us know.

Per NCAA guidelines, prospective student athletes are not eligible to take advantage of MVP visits, this includes anyone who has arranged a meeting with varsity athletic staff during their visit. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and would be happy to arrange an alternative visit type for you and your family.