Below are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding admission to the Pittsburgh and regional campuses.

Q: I would like to apply directly to one of your regional campuses rather than the Pittsburgh campus. How do I do that?

If one of our other campuses is your first choice and you have not yet submitted an application to the Pittsburgh campus, you should apply directly to the campus you prefer. Head to the admissions page for the campus of your choosing and submit an application there.

Q: I applied for admission to the Pittsburgh campus. Why was I offered admission to a regional campus?

Admission to the Pittsburgh campus is highly competitive. The number of applicants has been steadily increasing while the number of spaces for freshmen remains relatively stable each year. The Admissions Committee reviews applications carefully and individually, but can offer admission to only a select few. Many talented applicants who are not offered admission to the Pittsburgh campus enjoy successful academic careers at one of our regional campuses.

Q: Can I apply and/or be considered for admission to more than one campus? I have been admitted to one regional campus and would like to be considered for admission to a different one. Can I do that?

Yes, you can be considered for admission to more than one campus, but you can maintain only one active application at any given time. If you are admitted to one campus then wish to be considered for admission to another campus, you must contact the campus you have been admitted to and request that campus forward your application to your preferred campus. Your application will be deactivated at the initial campus and activated for your preferred campus. You do not need to complete an additional application or pay another application fee.

Q: Should I rank the campuses on the Pittsburgh campus application?

Yes. By doing so, you may be increasing your chances of being admitted to the campus you prefer.

Q: What if I have applied to the Pittsburgh campus but did NOT rank the campuses?

For students who did not rank the campuses on the Pittsburgh campus application, the Admissions Committee will make the best choice possible for the student based on the information available. The campus will send information to students who pre-qualify for admission. It will be the student’s responsibility to review information about that campus.

Q: Am I guaranteed admission to the campus I rank the highest?

No. Ranking one campus higher than the others doesn’t guarantee admission to your first choice of campus, but you will be considered according to your preference. Admission criteria vary by school and campus. The Admissions Committee does what they can to match you with the campus where you will have the best chance of success.

Q: I’ve been admitted to a campus that I am not familiar with. How can I learn more about it?

All five campuses are different in terms of their environment and program offerings. It is in your best interest to begin learning about a campus by visiting its web site, then scheduling a personal visit.

Q: I was offered admission to a campus that does not offer an academic major that interests me. What should I do?

We advise you to learn as much as possible about the campus to which you have been admitted and make a choice that best suits your academic and professional goals. In some cases, students begin their academic careers at one Pitt campus, and transfer to finish their degree at another. However, there are very specific relocation guidelines that vary by academic program, and relocation is not guaranteed to any student.

Q: Can I change campuses after I’ve enrolled?

Procedures and requirements vary from one campus and program to another. Typically, the process begins in the Dean’s Office, not the Admissions Office, of the campus from which you are planning to relocate.


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