Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You will also find detailed contact information if you have a question that is not answered below.

I registered for PittPASS, now what?

Once you have registered for PittPass, register for the June 19-20 or June 22-23 PittStart session. Student Affairs is planning some fun orientation events and you’ll be ready for the first day of classes on June 26. During the first week of May, you will receive a newsletter from the Advising Center that contains a link to the online orientation. The online orientation will allow you to schedule fall and summer courses. You will also be assigned an advisor who can assist you in choosing appropriate courses.

Is a student able to commute and still participate in the program?

No, PittPASS students are required to live on-campus during the program in order to participate.

If I am not able to start the program on June 26th, can I start later?

No, students must be able to participate in the entire program. Since the second summer term is only six weeks long, it would be very difficult to catch up with the coursework after missing any time.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, there is limited financial aid available for the PittPASS program. Please contact 412-624-7488 to determine eligibility.

Outside of classes and coursework, are there PittPASS sponsored activities?

Yes, the Office of First Year Experience and Residence Life offer weekly social activities on-campus and off-campus. Events include:

  • PittPass Welcome Night
  • Pittsburgh Pirates game
  • Service project with PittServes
  • Concert/Play with PittArts
  • What happens if I need to withdraw from one or more PittPASS courses?

    It is possible to withdraw from one or more of your courses with the approval of your advisor, but refunds will not be available, and as a result, you will not earn academic credit for the dropped classes.

    What happens if I withdraw from all of my PittPASS courses?

    Depending on when you decide to officially withdraw from all of your courses, your charges may be prorated according to the University refund policy.

    How do I cancel my PittPASS registration?

    If you are unable to participate in PittPASS, please e-mail Director of Admissions Kellie Kane at

    When will I receive the $300 book award?

    Students receive the book award after successfully completing the PittPASS program. Successful completion is defined as receiving a grade of C or better in both courses. The Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences alerts the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA) regarding successful completion of PittPASS. OAFA applies a $300 credit to the student’s Bookstore Fund account on the student’s ID card. The funds can then be used to purchase school supplies and textbooks at the University Store on Fifth.

    If I attend the June 22 PittStart session, will I be able to stay in my assigned PittPASS residence hall?

    Yes! All students participating in the PittPASS program who attend the June 22 PittStart session will be able to move directly into the residence hall they have been assigned for PittPASS.

    When does PittPASS end?

    PittPASS students will move out on August 5th.

    Additional Questions?

    Housing and meal plan: Panther Central,, 412-648-1100

    Courses or academic planning: Ed Giles, Assistant Director, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Advising Center, 201 Thackeray Hall,, 412-624-6444

    Student activities: Melissa M. Warthen, Associate Director, Office of Student Life, 119 William Pitt Union,, 412-648-7897