Pittsburgh Admissions Collaboration (PAC) is a partnership between Pittsburgh Public Schools, the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC), and the University of Pittsburgh. The partnership opens a clear pathway for students to earn a college degree – and connects them with resources to graduate. Participants begin their college career at CCAC and transfer to Pitt.

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Three of Western Pennsylvania’s key educational institutions have formally collaborated to provide a program that will engage Pittsburgh students earlier and provide the necessary support system and benefits to propel those students through CCAC, with the goal to transfer to and graduate from the University of Pittsburgh. The program will emphasize a cohort model that will allow the students to be more connected to, and invested in, their education by allowing them to network and build relationships with students, faculty, and staff on both the CCAC and University of Pittsburgh campuses. CCAC and the University of Pittsburgh will offer select academic, social, and personal student resources to help ensure their success and feeling of connectedness throughout the program.

In the interest of establishing a strong and manageable cohort, Pittsburgh Admissions Collaboration (PAC) program participation will initially be offered to students in 9th-12th grade, who participate in the We Promise program and who have met eligibility requirements for either the Core Promise (2.50 unweighted GPA, minimum 90% high school attendance record) or the Promise extension program (2.0 un-weighted GPA, minimum 90% high school attendance record), at the point of high school graduation. Eligible students, We Promise graduates, who are Promise eligible or participating in the Promise Extension program at CCAC to become Promise eligible, will have the opportunity to spend two years (or fewer, as their intended major dictates) at CCAC before transferring to the University of Pittsburgh; provided that the student meets transfer admission requirements and is admitted to the University of Pittsburgh to complete a bachelor’s degree. The first cohort of students will begin in the fall term of 2018 at CCAC.

Beginning in middle school, the partners will offer mentoring, college programming, and special tours of the University of Pittsburgh to encourage students to seriously consider college opportunities. A strong level of support will continue throughout high school, at CCAC, and at Pitt to ensure Pittsburgh Public Schools students have the optimal opportunity for success.

Pittsburgh Public Schools students who are interested should contact their school counselor for more information.