Application for a Parent PLUS Loan or a Graduate PLUS loan can be made at, using the borrower’s FSA ID.

Because credit checks are only valid for 180 days, PLUS loan requests will be available according to the following schedule:

Academic year (August – April) – Beginning April 1
Spring Semester Only (January – April) – Beginning November 15
Summer (May – August) – Beginning April 1

Upon application at the results of a credit check will be available immediately. If the borrower is credit approved, instructions will be given for completing a Master Promissory Note (MPN) if applicable. If the borrower credit is denied the borrower will be presented with the option of appealing the credit decision, obtaining an endorser, or not pursuing the loan. In the case of a parent borrower denial, students whose parents choose not to pursue the loan will be awarded additional Unsubsidized Direct Loan funds with the opportunity to reduce or decline the additional funding.

Parents can use this step by step guide to apply for a Federal Parent PLUS Loan.

Please make sure that the mailing address you enter on matches what you have entered on your eRefund profile in PittPAY. Use this guide for this instructions on updating your mailing address.