Scholarships are awards provided by the University or outside organizations that do not need to be repaid. They are typically based on outstanding academic achievement, leadership qualities, and scholarly contributions to the University community. With the exception of a few prestigious awards, incoming freshman students who apply to Pitt by December 15 are automatically considered for University of Pittsburgh academic scholarships. Please review the menu on the right to learn about our many scholarship opportunities.


Incoming freshman are eligible for University of Pittsburgh academic scholarships. Transfer students and continuing students who were not awarded a scholarship as an incoming freshman are not eligible for University academic scholarships. Transfer and continuing students are encouraged to seek potential scholarship funding through the University’s scholarship database, PittFund$Me, found on the student portal.

Application Procedure

All freshman applicants who submit a completed application for admission and supporting credentials by December 15th of their senior year are automatically reviewed for University academic scholarships and receive priority consideration. Students submitting completed applications after December 15 are still reviewed, but awards are made based on availability of funding.

It is important to note, the Scholarship Committee begins reviewing candidates and awarding scholarships in early October. The Committee makes decisions weekly on a rolling basis. Therefore, if you would like to increase your chances for scholarships, it is in your best interest to apply early.

There is not a separate scholarship application for University of Pittsburgh academic scholarships, though if you wish to be considered for scholarships you will be required to complete the Short Answer Questions.

Value and Term

University of Pittsburgh academic scholarships may range in value from $2,000 per year to full tuition and room and board and are generally available for eight full time undergraduate terms, provided the recipient maintains a 3.00 GPA and meets all of the other terms and conditions of the specific award. Learn more about requirements governing University of Pittsburgh academic scholarships.

Pitt is grateful to have the support of generous donors who contribute to our scholarship funding. Students who are awarded a merit-based award from the University as freshmen may have their initial award replaced by a donor-funded scholarship. We notify students about this change if it occurs. The new scholarship would be subject to the same renewal and eligibility requirements as the initial merit-based scholarship offered upon admission.

Notification of Award

Admitted freshman selected to receive an academic scholarship are notified by March 1.


Current students and new incoming students who have committed to Pitt have access to Pitt’s searchable scholarship database, PittFund$Me. Log into and click on the PittFund$Me link to access the tool. Respond to questions in PittFund$Me to discover what you are eligible to apply for and unlock your scholarship matches!

Outside Scholarships

In addition to University of Pittsburgh academic scholarships, you may be eligible for non-University of Pittsburgh scholarships. For non-University of Pittsburgh scholarship opportunities, check out these websites.

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive scholarship funds that are not awarded by the University of Pittsburgh, be sure to report these funds to our office by completing the Information Update Form for your campus.

Please instruct the organization awarding your scholarship to include your full name and 7-digit student ID number on the scholarship check and mail it to:
   Student Payment Center
   University of Pittsburgh
   139 University Place
   G-9 Thackeray Hall
   Pittsburgh PA 15260

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