School of Medicine Guaranteed Admissions Program (GAP)

  • A separate application is not necessary for consideration. When you submit your undergraduate application for admission, you simply select the graduate school that interests you in our dropdown box and you will be considered for that guarantee on or before November 15.
  • To compete for the medical school guarantee, applicants must meet the initial eligibility requirements of earning the highest grade point average available in their high school in the context of a curriculum showing the greatest academic rigor possible and earning a minimum SAT score of 1490 (combined Critical Reading and Math) or 33 ACT composite.
  • Students meeting these criteria will receive initial notification of their eligibility to apply for the guarantee program by the undergraduate Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, and then be asked by the School of Medicine via e-mail to submit additional information in support of their candidacy. Students selected on the basis of their submissions will subsequently be invited for an interview in the School of Medicine. Interviews take place in March.
  • The choice of final candidates is contingent upon this interview in combination with other factors. Historically, an average of 8-12 students from the entering undergraduate class are chosen each year for the School of Medicine guarantee.
  • Students offered the guarantee must complete an undergraduate degree at Pitt within four years, complete the prerequisite course work, maintain a cumulative science and quality point average of at least 3.75, and engage in undergraduate research and extracurricular activities that provide greater knowledge of the science and practice of medicine. The MCAT will not be required.
  • More information on the Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) and the School of Medicine.

International students are not eligible for this guarantee.

School of Medicine GAP in Recent Years…

School Year Eligible to Apply Applications Invited to Interview Offered Guarantee
2016-2017 455 334 39 9
2015-2016 383 269 38 13
2014-2015 411 258 46 11
2013–2014 461 260 50 15
2012–2013 424 255 50 12
2011–2012 348 211 37 13
2010–2011 351 208 35 10
2009–2010 310 220 45 12

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the School of Medicine GAP an accelerated program?
A: No, this program is designed for students to spend four years as a Pitt undergraduate and four years in the School of Medicine.

Q: If I am not selected for the School of Medicine GAP, am I still eligible to follow the pre-med curriculum at Pitt?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Is there a separate application for the School of Medicine GAP?
A: No, all students who indicate pre-medicine or bioengineering as their intended major on the freshman application are automatically reviewed for the program.

Q: When are students notified if they are eligible to apply for the School of Medicine GAP?
A: Students eligible to apply for the program are notified by early January.

Q: Are all students invited to interview for the School of Medicine GAP?
A: No, in recent years, approximately 10% of the students who are invited to apply for the program actually interview with the School of Medicine. These interviews take place in March.

Q: When are the students notified if they have been chosen for the School of Medicine GAP?
A: Historically, 8-12 incoming freshman are ultimately chosen for the program. These students are notified of their selection by April 15.

Q: Are current Pitt undergraduates eligible to apply for the School of Medicine GAP?
A: No, only freshman applicants are considered for this program.

Q: How many Pitt undergraduates, with or without the GAP, are admitted to Pitt’s School of Medicine?
A: For the fall of 2016, 5,872 students applied for admission to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and 359 were offered admission. Eleven percent (11%) of the applicants accepted completed their undergraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh. In the same year, the first year class consisted of 148 students. Twenty percent (20%) of the first year class completed their undergraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh.

Q: Are international students and/or new transfer students eligible for the School of Medicine GAP?
A: No, the School of Medicine GAP is available to domestic freshman applicants only.