Research opportunities for undergraduates are available during the academic year and summer in a variety of contexts: doing fieldwork abroad, working in a laboratory, or analyzing texts.

Because the University of Pittsburgh is a large research university, undergraduate students can take part in quality research experiences that are generally not available at smaller institutions. Most faculty actively pursue research projects throughout the year.

While some may claim that professors’ concern for research hinders the student’s quest for the best educational experience, many students at the University of Pittsburgh find that faculty research improves the undergraduate experience in several ways:

  • Faculty members on the cutting edge of their fields bring their excitement and knowledge into the classroom, helping students investigate new ideas.
  • Many students become directly involved in assisting faculty members, often conducting their own research as a subproject of the professor’s research. Undergraduates may seek such research opportunities at Pitt’s medical complex, its many scientific laboratories, and with faculty members in the social sciences and humanities.
  • Students at Pitt have the opportunity to conduct independent study with faculty advisors in an area of their choosing. This independent study can be conducted during the academic year or during the summer, for credit or for salary, in nearly any area of interest to the student. Several programs are available on campus to provide fellowships or grants for independent study.