Does it make any difference if I apply to Pitt with the University of Pittsburgh, Common, or Coalition Application?

No, it does not! We don’t prefer one over the other in our review process, so it’s entirely up to you!

The Common Application and Coalition Application provides extra space for me to enter things like extracurricular activities, awards, and essays. Does Pitt see those sections if I choose one of those applications?

No, we do not review those additional sections. Please choose the application that works best for you rather than choosing an application based on what you assume we will see in your profile – we will review the same information no matter which application you choose.

I already filled out the grades section in the Common Application or the coursework section in the Coalition Application. Do you still want me to fill out the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)?

Yes we do. We do not access the grades section in the Common Application or the coursework section in the Coalition Application. Once you submit your Common or Coalition Application, we will send you a link to fill out our SRAR separately.

I am confused by the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). How can I make sure I am doing it right?

When filling out the SRAR, take full advantage of the guidance we provide in the directions at the top of the form and always match your entries to your transcript exactly. If you still have specific questions about how to characterize a particular course on your SRAR you can reach us at 412-624-7488, or reach out to your assigned admissions processor.

I am interested in Pitt Honors, but I don’t want to respond to the Honors Questions right now. Can I submit my application now and apply to Pitt Honors later?

Yes! You can mark “no” for Pitt Honors on the application and respond to the questions later. Just remember that the Pitt Honors Priority Consideration Deadline is November 1 and the Regular Consideration Deadline is January 15.

Do you accept additional essays, recommendation letters, portfolios, or resumes?

We find that your responses to our Short Answer Questions are the best way to learn more about you. We prefer you to respond to these questions instead of submitting letters of recommendation, resumes etc. However, please feel free to submit additional supplemental information if you feel it’s something the Admissions Committee needs in order to properly review your file (i.e. a counselor letter explaining a special circumstance impacting your academic performance). Please also be aware that this information is not required and your application will be reviewed once all required information is received.

I am planning to take the SAT/ACT in the fall. Should I wait to apply until I have that score?

There is no need to wait. Just indicate on the application that you will be taking the test again at a later date and our Admissions Committee will know to either hold for these scores or to request them from you. If they feel they can make a positive decision on your application without the additional score, they will do so. Otherwise, they will wait for your score to arrive before making a decision.

Still have questions?

Contact our office – we’ll be happy to help!