I applied to the University of Pittsburgh as an incoming freshman, however now I would like to apply as a prospective transfer student. Should I re-send materials that I previously sent when I applied as a freshman?

Whether or not you have applied in the past, all transfer applicants must submit an application, $55 application fee, high school transcript, and transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.

Typically, if you have previously applied to Pitt, you will still need to submit your official high school transcript because your high school transcript on file may only list courses and grades up to the first semester of the applicant’s senior year. SAT/ACT test scores and other materials submitted in the past will remain in your file.

Do I have to submit my high school transcript?

Yes. The completion of a high school diploma or GED is required to apply for transfer to Pitt. We require all transfer applicants to submit their official high school transcript in addition to official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.

Do I have to submit my SAT/ACT scores?

If you have more than 30 college credits completed, you typically do not need to send any SAT/ACT test scores.

Where and when do I send my transcripts to the University of Pittsburgh?

You can email transcripts to pitt.admissions@pitt.edu, fax them to 412-624-4138, or mail them to the University of Pittsburgh, Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, 120 Alumni Hall, 4227 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260-6601.

When applying, you can begin sending your transcripts to Pitt as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until your application is submitted to begin sending transcripts for your file.

Will my credits transfer to the University of Pittsburgh?

The University of Pittsburgh accepts courses from accredited colleges and universities. Pitt does not provide preliminary credit evaluations to prospective transfer students, however it is helpful for you to review Pitt’s general education requirements to consider what courses at your previous/current institution may be comparable to courses offered at Pitt.

Generally, Pitt can transfer courses completed with a grade of C or better as long as we offer a reasonably equivalent course. Please note that a maximum of 60 credits can transfer from a two-year college or school to Pitt, and a maximum of 90 credits can transfer from a four-year college/university.

To apply to Pitt as a transfer applicant, should I have specific prerequisite courses completed?

Some of our Pittsburgh campus schools do have specific course requirements for incoming transfer students. For instance, to transfer into the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences or College of General Studies, the admissions committee would look for a student to have completed a college-level English composition and algebra course. Moreover, you may take courses at your current institution that fulfill the University of Pittsburgh General Education Requirements.

Am I able to attain my second bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh?

Yes. You can earn a second bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh in a major that is different from the degree you have already earned for your first bachelor’s degree.

Second-degree seeking students must apply through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid as a Transfer Student. Each University of Pittsburgh school determines the specific requirements for a second-degree seeking student and the number of previously earned credits that will apply for the student’s second degree. A minimum number of 30 credits must be earned at the University of Pittsburgh to receive a second degree. Students who have earned an undergraduate degree from a school or campus of the University of Pittsburgh and who now wish to earn another bachelor’s degree should apply as second-degree students directly through the desired school.

What financial assistance is available for transfer students?

The primary source of funding for transfer students is traditional financial aid. We offer a limited number of transfer scholarships and applicants are automatically reviewed for eligibility. Make sure you review Pitt’s tuition rates and general financial aid information. Resources like Fastweb and FinAid help transfer students with free scholarship searches.

Will I be able to receive on-campus housing as a transfer student?

Panther Central is the resource to ask any questions about daily living such as housing and dining options. There is no guarantee that a transfer student will receive on-campus housing year to year, but transfer students are eligible to be placed on Panther Central’s housing waiting list for on-campus accommodations, and most students are accommodated. Pitt’s Off-Campus Living office is available to assist students with finding an apartment in the areas very close to campus.

Are transfer students eligible to defer admission?

No. Transfer students may not defer their admission at the University of Pittsburgh. If you would like to attend Pitt for a new term rather than the term for which you are admitted, you would have to re-apply for admission.

Beyond my transfer application, high school transcript, and transcripts from all colleges/universities I attended, are there any supplemental materials I need to submit for my application to Pitt?

If you are applying to Pitt’s School of Education, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, or School of Social Work, you will be required to submit supplemental materials in the form of a Supplemental Application, personal essay and/or statement, and letter(s) of recommendation. Supplemental application instructions and printable forms specific to each school can be found here.

I am interested in taking courses at the University of Pittsburgh, however I do not plan to earn a degree. Do I apply through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid as a transfer student?

No. Non-degree seeking students at the University of Pittsburgh apply to the College of General Studies.

I am a student at a University of Pittsburgh regional campus (Pitt Bradford, Pitt Greensburg, Pitt Johnstown, or Pitt Titusville). How do I transfer to the Pittsburgh campus to complete my degree program?

You may apply to relocate to the Pittsburgh campus through the appropriate office at your current regional campus. Because each school on the Pittsburgh campus has varying criteria for the total number of credits that need to be completed before relocation, you should look up the requirements and procedures listed on your regional campus website:

University of Pittsburgh Bradford
University of Pittsburgh Greensburg
University of Pittsburgh Johnstown
University of Pittsburgh Titusville