In lieu of an essay or personal statement, we ask interested applicants to answer a series of short answer questions. Answering the following questions is optional, but strongly encouraged for U.S. applicants and required for international applicants.

Your answers may increase the likelihood that you are considered for scholarships, guaranteed admission to graduate or professional school, or given special consideration due to extenuating circumstances. The Admissions Committee reviews responses for quality rather than length. However, the most effective responses typically range from 200-300 words per question. Responses that are longer or shorter are acceptable.

In order to submit your responses to the Short Answer Questions, you must first complete the University of Pittsburgh application, Common Application, or Coalition Application.

U.S. Freshman Applicants

  1. Tell us about something you have read/watched/listened to that made an impact on you. Tell us why it made an impact.
  2. If you could create a new product, process, business, or organization, what would this entity look like? (We especially encourage applicants interested in the College of Business Administration or the Swanson School of Engineering to respond to this question.)
  3. What else should we know about you? Take this opportunity to tell the Admissions Committee anything else you think we should know as we review your application for admission.

U.S. Transfer Applicants

  1. Describe your life and work experiences since you graduated high school
  2. If you had any challenges in your academic studies, what changes have you made to be more successful in the future?

International Applicants

  1. Describe yourself
  2. Describe why studying in the U.S. and at Pitt are good choices for you.
  3. Describe an experience where you had to adjust to a culture other than your own.