What is the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)?

The Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) is a list of your courses and associated grades that have been completed or will be completed for high school or college credit. The SRAR is optional, but replaces the official high school transcript during the Admissions Committee review process. Since accuracy is critical, please have an electronic version of your official grade report or an official high school transcript to reference as you are completing the SRAR.

Is the SRAR required?

No, the SRAR is optional for the University of Pittsburgh freshmen application process. If you do not complete the SRAR, your official high school transcript must be submitted to Pitt in order to be reviewed for admission. Please note that by not submitting the SRAR, you may experience a longer application processing time.

How do I create a SRAR?

Access the Pitt SRAR here.

The SRAR is part of the online application process. You will be required to provide profile information in addition to the SRAR to submit the application. You will enter your high school(s), GPA and class rank where available, coursework, and associated grades online. Your application is not considered complete until we have your test scores and $55 application fee.

How do I list my senior classes on the SRAR?

We encourage you to apply early, so senior courses should be listed but appear as “In Progress.”

What if my senior schedule changes after I have submitted the application and SRAR?

Please send an e-mail briefly outlining the changes to oafa@pitt.edu.

How do I list college courses taken during high school on the SRAR?

List the courses exactly as they appear on your transcript or schedule and in the semester during which the courses were taken.

How do I list high school courses taken while I was in middle school or junior high school on the SRAR?

Any core curriculum course taken for high school credit must be listed on the SRAR. Enter the course in the appropriate year. The SRAR includes options from 7th through 12th grade. However, unless courses were taken for high school credit, you do not need to include middle or junior high school courses on the SRAR.

How do I list summer courses on the SRAR?

For courses taken during the summer, list the course and associated grade in the preceding school year. For example, if you took a summer course between 9th and 10th grade, you will list the course and grade in the final semester of your 9th grade year on the SRAR.

What if I repeated or withdrew from one or more of my classes?

You must list all courses that you’ve attempted on the SRAR. If the course appears on your transcript, it must accurately be listed on the SRAR as well.

What if I attended more than one high school?

If you attended more than one high school, you will add all high schools attended to the SRAR and list coursework and associated grades within each high school. It will be helpful to have a transcript from each school attended when completing the SRAR.

Do homeschooled applicants complete the SRAR?

No, home school applicants should follow the application process outlined on our website.

What if 9th or 10th grades are not considered high school in my district?

Despite how your district defines earlier grades, please include coursework and associated grades from 9th through 12th grade.

What if I have a change to my academic record after submitting my SRAR and Pitt application?

Log into your online application, click on “Academic Record”, then select “Update SRAR”. You are then required to resubmit the Academic Record section for your changes to be reflected.

If I completed the SRAR, when do I submit an official high school transcript?

If you are admitted and enroll at the University of Pittsburgh, you will be required to submit your official high school transcript following high school graduation.

I am an international student, why can’t I complete the SRAR?

The University of Pittsburgh will only accept official records for international students at this time. Since there are significant differences between international schools, the review process requires official documentation.

I am a transfer student, why can’t I complete the SRAR?

The University of Pittsburgh will only accept official college or university records for transfer students at this time. Since there are significant differences between colleges and universities, the review process requires official documentation.