We welcome applications from international students and want to make your application process as smooth as possible. It is to your advantage to plan ahead and submit your application and required admission materials early, especially if your academic credentials are international.

Application Requirements/Deadlines

  • Visiting students
    • If you are interested in applying as an exchange or guest student (i.e. you are currently enrolled at another college or university and plan to enroll at Pitt for just one or two terms), please contact the Study Abroad Office at abroad@pitt.edu.

Tips for Submitting Your Application

To ensure proper and efficient processing of your application, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Use your full legal name on all documents. It is extremely important that you use your full legal name, exactly as it appears on your passport, when completing your admissions, TOEFL, and SAT/ACT applications. We will not be able to issue the necessary immigration documents if the name you provide on your application is different from your name as it appears on your passport.
  2. Do not list a post office box as your permanent foreign address. In order for the Office of International Services to issue your I-20 form, the permanent home address listed on your application for admission must be a foreign physical address. When completing your application, be sure to provide a foreign street address (not a P.O. Box) as your permanent home address.

Financial Support

We strongly recommend that you review this document so you understand the costs associated with enrolling at the University of Pittsburgh, as financial aid is not available to international students.

Proof of financial support is not required at the point of application, but it is required of students who are offered admission and plan to enroll at Pitt.

Scholarships for international freshman starting in the fall term are available. Students who apply by February 1 will be automatically considered for these scholarships.

Letters of Recommendation

While we appreciate your teachers, counselors, and other mentors taking the time to write recommendation letters on your behalf, we find letters are beneficial in very limited circumstances (for example: providing context for variance in your overall academic performance). We recommend that you submit responses to the Short Answer Questions and use that space to explain or clarify what most recommenders would cover in a letter.

Wondering if we have received your required credentials?

If you have applied and been assigned a username and password, go to my.pitt.edu.

This portal will allow you to check the status of your application at any time. The site will tell you if all of the required items — the application, the application fee, your test scores, your official transcript(s) and, if applicable, your official credential evaluation— have been received. It will not indicate whether supplemental information, such as art portfolios or recordings, or letters of recommendation have been received. To confirm any items, or to address any concerns about the status of your application, you may contact our international application processor, below.

E-mail Ms. Lorraine Nagy at lnagy@pitt.edu or
Call: + 1 412-624-7197

Back-up processor: E-mail Ms. Melanie Carosi at carosi@pitt.edu or
Call: + 1 412-624-7177

Questions? Email us at: intladm@pitt.edu.

Regional Campuses

All University of Pittsburgh applicants who are applying to the Pittsburgh campus have the option to rank the regional Pitt campuses in order of preference on their application. This helps the Admissions Committee do its best to match you with a Pitt campus. If you do not rank campuses, the Committee will select a Pitt campus that they feel best matches your academic interests.

You may only have one University of Pittsburgh application active at a time across our five campuses. For a prompt review, please apply directly to the Pitt campus that is your first choice. To transfer your application to another campus, please contact the campus that has your current application on file and ask them to cancel it for you. You will then be able to apply to a different campus of your choice.