Federal Work Study students are expected to apply for positions on Talent Center (the University’s online recruitment system), arrange for their own job interviews, and make the decision about where they will work.

Students and their supervisors are responsible to ensure that the necessary onboarding requirements are completed on an accurate and timely basis. Students cannot begin working until the onboarding requirements are met. Students and supervisors are responsible to accurately record and submit hours that the student works each week based on the biweekly pay schedule calendar determined by the University Payroll Department.

How to Post a Work Study Position

Qualified employers (University of Pittsburgh departments, non-profit and community service agencies) who wish to post a job available to work study eligible Pitt students should view the Human Resources guide for hiring part-time staff. Once a position is created, it will be posted on Talent Center for student applications.

Wage Information

Wages in the Federal Work Study Program currently are funded to a maximum of 60 percent by the federal government, to the extent of the college’s federal allocation for the program, and 40 percent by the employing departments or off-campus, nonprofit agencies. The supervisor will select the established pay rates they will pay the student. Federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

Authorized Federal Work Study Awards

Students receive an official financial aid award notification from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. The award notification will state the financial aid that the student is eligible for at that time. If a student is eligible for Federal Work Study, the authorized award will be listed in the award notification. The award amount is usually listed for the fall and spring terms as such:

Fall Spring Total
Federal Work Study $1,000 $1,000 $2,000*

*Please note that this award table is a standard amount example. Federal Work Study can vary in dollar values. Ask to see the student’s Student Service Center for the actual amount

The student must accept their awards via their Student Service Center in PeopleSoft. If the student has accepted the Federal Work Study award, a Federal Work Study Q&A will be emailed to them on the Monday following acceptance of the award.

If a student is awarded financial aid which in total exceeds his/her federally determined eligibility, a Federal Work Study award can be reduced or cancelled. In this case, the Federal Work Study Office will notify the student; however, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that his/her supervisor knows of the change. Since the financial aid process is ongoing, supervisors should have alternative sources to pay the student in the case the student’s award is reduced or cancelled.

Payroll Schedules

Please reference the Payroll Department’s biweekly payroll schedule. All biweekly PRISM Trks time cards must be entered by noon on the Monday following the pay period end date, unless otherwise noted.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Explain the assignment to the student to avoid any misunderstandings of employer expectations.
  2. See that the student has work to do upon reporting to the job site.
  3. Make certain that a student has easy access to the place of employment and, in certain circumstances, is not alone in the building or place of employment.
  4. Provide training, counseling, and supervision for the student. If a student is not performing up to the standard expected, the supervisor should make an effort to offer guidance for more effective performance.
  5. Provide guidance to the student concerning appropriate attire for the job and provide protective covering for the student’s clothes if they could be damaged in the performance of the job.
  6. Report difficulties with student employees such as poor performance, habitual tardiness, unexplained absences, etc. to the Federal Work Study Coordinator.
  7. Follow the University of Pittsburgh’s guidelines when terminating a student employee. These guidelines will be provided by the Federal Work Study Coordinator upon request.

Forms and Documentation

The following forms must be completed and returned to the respective office, as noted below, before the student begins working to ensure that the student hired is active on the University Payroll System:

New Students (not previously employed by Pitt) or those students who are changing positions.

Continuing Students (previously employed by Pitt and staying in the same position).

  • Update Employee Record and send to Student Employment to be processed.

Employee Record

  • All Employee Record’s will be sent to the Check Distribution Center (CDC) where the Federal Work Study Student is employed. This will make the process of changing a Federal Work Study student to a Student Worker more efficient.
  • All old Employee Record’s for former Federal Work Study students will be in the Federal Work Study Office until the students are terminated from the Payroll System.


  • Students enter time worked each week into PRISM Trks to be approved by their supervisors. Failure to enter hours on time will delay payment to the student. Read the PRISM TRKS Quick Guide for more information.
  • Please reference the Payroll Department’s biweekly payroll schedule. All biweekly PRISM Trks time cards must be entered and marked complete by Noon on the Monday following the pay period end date. Failure to approve students’ time cards by this deadline will delay payment.

Please contact our office if you have questions.

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
Federal Work Study Program
139 University Place, 130 Thackeray Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412 624-4119
Email: wrkstdy@pitt.edu