First and foremost, we thank you for serving our country, and look forward to helping you pursue a degree here at Pitt.

Over 500 veterans currently call themselves Pitt Panthers, and we are happy to assist you throughout the application and financial aid process.

Start by scheduling a Pre-College Advising Appointment through the Office of Veterans Services.  The next step is applying. Veterans are eligible for an application fee waiver. Simply enter the code ‘VETR’ in the fee waiver box under your name on the online application or attach a note to the printed application with the code on it.

Application Process

  • If you have not attended any schools since high school graduation, please complete our freshman application. If you have attended a college, university or other post-secondary school after graduating from high school or earning a GED, apply using our transfer application.
  • Admission materials required of freshman or transfer applicants are also required of veterans. Exception: prospective freshmen who are veterans and have not taken a SAT or ACT, will be exempted from that requirement by applying for admission to the College of General Studies.
  • Veterans, like other applicants, are reviewed on an individual basis in a holistic way. Using the Short Answer Questions to highlight experiences in the military, additional training, leadership opportunities, educational pursuits, and/or advancements/promotions, will help the admissions committee in its holistic review process. Military transcripts may also be provided. While we appreciate others taking the time to write recommendation letters on your behalf, we find letters are beneficial in very limited circumstances (for example: providing context for variance in your overall academic performance). We recommend that you submit responses to the Short Answer Questions and use that space to explain or clarify what most recommenders would cover in a letter.
  • You may contact the Veteran Admissions Contact with specific questions:

Colleen O’Neil
Phone: 412-624-7170

Financial Aid

  • OAFA is a combined admissions and financial aid office and administers state and federal student financial aid programs, with the exception of veterans’ educational benefits, which are administered by the Office of Veterans Services (see Veterans’ Educational Benefits, below.) If you need financial assistance you can utilize traditional financial aid along with your veterans’ educational benefits.
  • Veterans, like other applicants, can be seen on a walk-in basis by a financial aid counselor and can be helped by any counselor. For information on the financial aid application process please click here.
  • The OAFA designated financial aid contact for veterans who need special assistance is:

Brian Beighley
Phone: 412-624-4119

Veterans’ Educational Benefits

  • The Office of Veterans Services is your resource for connecting with the educational financial benefits administered by the federal government for eligible veterans.
  • You may contact the Veterans Services Contact with specific questions:

Leah Albert
Phone: 412-624-6919