We received over 27,000 applications for approximately 3,800 places in the fall 2013 freshmen class. We operate on a rolling admission policy for these places in our class. This means there is no specific deadline to apply for admission, but it is to your advantage to plan ahead and apply early. This is because some of our graduate school guaranteed admission programs either have deadlines or fill up quickly. With this in mind here are a few things you can do to stay competitive as you prepare to apply to the University of Pittsburgh

  • Honors, AP, International Baccalaureate (IB), and College in High School classes. It’s good to take a number of such classes, but don’t take so many you can’t do reasonably well in them.
  • Advanced level classes. The Committee is looking for a well-rounded curriculum from all applicants. Whenever possible, go beyond the minimum requirements. Four years of French and/or math, for example, looks better on a transcript than three.
  • Taking the SAT or ACT more than once. We recommend that you test once in the junior year and once early in the senior year. We combine your highest critical reading and math sub scores from all tests submitted. We also require that you submit a writing score.
  • Retaking a class with a lower-than ‘C’ grade. If you earn less than a ‘C’ grade in a key class, think about retaking the class in the summer.
  • A rigorous senior year curriculum. We recommend a solid curriculum even in your senior year. It is to your benefit in the admissions review. Also, you’ll make an easier transition to college-level work during your freshman year.
  • Supplemental Information. A personal essay, statement of academic intent, or some other information about your interests and activities that will reveal more about you to the committee. Letters of recommendation from one to three people who can support your academic and personal objectives are also welcome. Note: If you want to be sure that supplemental information is considered in your review for admission, you should make every effort to submit this information at the same time as your application.


Submitting a completed application for admission will have you automatically reviewed for University Honors College eligibility, Graduate/Professional School Guaranteed Admissions Programs, and merit-based scholarships.


Your application is considered complete for review and will be sent to the admissions committee when we have received:

  1. An application for admission.
  2. A $45 application fee.
  3. Official high school transcript.
  4. Official SAT or ACT test results (writing section required). Please arrange for all your official test results to be forwarded directly to Pitt from the testing agency.